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Everlasting dried wreaths

Lily Lupin silk ribbons are crafted using the finest 100% Habotai silk and lovingly hand dyed using eco-friendly, completely natural, flower, fruit and vegetable dyes.

Our beautiful ribbons are sold securely via our Etsy shop.


Each batch of ribbon is carefully hand dyed and totally unique. Some colours are seasonal and produced in limited edition batches using fresh blooms from our cutting garden and the glorious countryside around us ♡

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Scented candles

Our natural confetti is environmentally friendly and totally biodegradable.

Made from real, natural flower petals, lavender, rosebuds and other seasonal delights, our confetti will come ready packaged for your guests.

Each confetti bag label can be personalised for you to feature your names, wedding date of favourite quotes.

Our confetti is sold via our Etsy shop.

Click the 'Buy Now' button below to visit.

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