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Summer at Bury Court Barn

It's summer here in the Hampshire/Surrey countryside and Bury Court barn couldn't have looked more gorgeous for Akilah and Richard on their glorious wedding day.

It's not that often when you meet an couple and they give you free reign to just 'do your your thing' and have total creative freedom- what a lovely, chilled and trusting couple. Akilah had shown me a few photos of her bridesmaids dresses and that set the colour theme for the day, along with a hint of plum purple which was the colour of the brides amazing hair. And then there was THAT dress - the most stunning embroidered long sleeve beauty- Akilah, I'm still crushing on that dress!

Thank you both for being so fun to work with and for allowing me such creative freedom on your very special day. x

Photos courtesy of Dale Weeks Photography

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