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The Hospital of St.Cross, Winchester, Hampshire.

When you plan an outdoor wedding in a marquee surrounded by the beautiful grounds of an old school, you hope and wish that the sunshine will show for you.

Well the weather gods must have been looking down on my gorgeous couple as their beautiful day could not have been more perfect!

The style for the day was fresh green and white tones with a hint of pretty pale blush. Clean lines, stylish simlicity with elegant finishing touches and plenty of romantic candle light to crate that romantic ambience - divine!

If you are looking for an example of minimal elegance, this is it! The marquee decor looked so fabulous and the rich greens really complimented the crisp white linen and decor inside.

We were lucky enough to work alongside one of our favourite photographers - Angela Ward Brown, who perfectly captured the day. The couple married at the impressive church of The Hospital of St.Cross which you might recognise from the television series 'Wolf Hall'.

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